Data Management Synopsis

Data Management was recently released on Gunpowder and Sky  streaming platform, DUST. This sci-fi short film written and directed James Rogers-Gahan takes place in a 70’s style office with retro futuristic overtones. Richard Morgan is a data management worker who spends his days logging endless amounts of data, transferring information between computers and off of cassettes. One day, while logging numbers as usual, he begins to have visions that motivate him to analyze his Stepford-like work environment. The discoveries he makes shatter his perception of his own reality and force him to confront the true nature of the world he lives in.

Data Management revolves around themes of technology and humanity, exploring the relationship and co evolution of people and the advancing tools of the modern era. The stilted and self contained world the characters inhabit draws inherent juxtaposition with our contemporary reality. As that world begins to come apart, questions are raised: what does it mean to be human in a world that can be run more effectively by machines? What do we do with humans in such a situation?

Directed by James Rogers-Gahan

Written by James Rogers-Gahan and Kai Furbeck

Director of Photography Jordan T. Parrott

“I loved DATA MANAGEMENT. it was original and exhilarating— the director has a slyly comic hand and a tight control of tone.” ~Academy Award Winning Producer Christine Vachon 


“This was FANTASTIC!! I was born in the late 60’s, so I’ve experienced the growth of technology over the years. This video was the perfect blend of modern and vintage/retro on so many levels!!! This short could easily be made into a full length movie. Bravo!!!”

“An eery yet charming tale. Felt like a perfect mix between “Twilight Zone”, “Outer Limits”, “Office Space”, “Matrix”, and those classic dystopian sci-fi films of the late-70s (which this clearly takes inspiration from). Had Edgar Wright level editing in the best possible way!”

“Well done! The film teases a dystopian/1984 genre but its warmth and subtle humor make for a much more layered experience. The film looked great, moved well and the actors were fantastic. I loved it!”

“Awesome short film.. liked the humor with the “yes sir”. And it kinda had a bit of a twilight zone feel to it. Props and costumes were great too.”

“My Gosh!!!! This is a 10 outa 10. This is what quality SciFi is all about, it leaves you thinking. Thank You Dust. And to the movies Cast, crew, writers and directors you all knocked it out of the park. I’d love to see more of all your talents. Thank You!!!!”

“Great short film! I really liked the stepford wives crossed with twilight zone vibe! The actors did a great job! Left you wanting more! This could be a TV series or a full length movie!”

“Had the chance to see Data Management at a film festival in NYC. I loved it. The story line, color, costume design ~ WOW. Left me wanting more.”

“Great short film! I also love how you integrated the history of the internet in it!”

“Seeing that computer reading from that cassette deck takes me back to when I was a teenager, using a Commodore 64! When I first saw someone loading a program from a floppy disk, I was amazed at how quickly it happened!”

“Great job. We need more content from you and people will pay for it for sure. Keep up the great work and passion.”

“That was errin’ BRILLIANT!!!!! Loved how the era was shown through the electronics and the “pre-recorded” sound of his managers voice! So poignant and pure genius! Looking forward to what comes next from this crew! I loved the repeated “what do you remember” that is chilling on soooo many levels!!!!!”



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