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James Rogers-Gahan

James Rogers-Gahan is an award winning filmmaker and writer based in NYC. An alumni of Bard College, James was the founder of Deer Studios NYC, a full service production studio, working with clients such as Time Magazine, CNN, The NY Times, Universal, NBC, Disney, and Comedy Central. He has also directed and produced music videos for Sony Music, Ultra Records, and Deadbeats records. James currently focuses on narrative content, his last short being featured by the production company Gunpowder and Sky on their streaming platform Dust.

For professional inquiries email: Jamesrogersgahan@gmail.com

Jennifer Sklias-Gahan

Jennifer Sklias-Gahan is a NY based American actress, writer and producer. She most recently appeared on FBI:Most Wanted.  You can see her in Data Management, as “SIR” the big boss, now on DUST and in the Urban Ghost Story, and in MATILDA, produced by Academy Award Winning Producer Christine Vachon. Jennifer wrote and starred in Matilda with actor Sean Avery which can be viewed on Kinoscope.

This past year Jennifer released her first novella (The House in the Middle of the Street), the first of a series of Gothic Tales which she wrote, narrated and created the musical score for.  She is also the founder and President of Demivoula Productions which will release her first directed piece titled Clock Shop this coming year.

Visit her website for more information

All inquiries and request please contact

Agent - Julie Colbert / William Morris: jco@wmeentertainment.com

Manager - Susan Ferris / Bohemia Group: ferris@bohemiaent.com or 323-462-5800